GoMoney App

GoMoney Coin (GMC) was designed to unite the ease use of cryptocurrencies without the volatility and can be used globally.

Using GoMoney App you have the following resources:

- Buy: After making a bank transfer to GoMoney, your balance in Reais (R$) will be available in a few minutes. Use your balance in Reais to purchase GMCs.

- Transfer: To send GMCs to other users, you will need the registered user code and email. Then just enter the amount to send, in moments, he will receive the GMC sent by you.

- Sell: If you need to sell your GMCs, GoMoney guarantees the purchase and pays directly to your bank account.

You still have the GoMoney Pay feature! Just scan another user's QR Code to send GMCs even faster and easier.
GoMoney: You Can Be Global!

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